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What are the benefits of shea butter Karethic for the skin and scalp? Shea butter Karethic is rich in vitamins and triterpenes, offering repairing and soothing properties. It moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin against external aggressions. For the scalp, it soothes irritation, reduces dryness and promotes healthy, shiny hair. How to use Karethic products for best results? For best results, apply Karethic shea butter to clean, slightly damp skin to facilitate absorption. For the scalp, gently massage a small amount of butter into the roots and extend to the ends before washing as usual. Use regularly for best results. Where does the shea butter used in Karethic products come from? Karethic Shea butter comes from the Atacora region of Benin, renowned for its exceptional shea quality. Production is handcrafted and sustainable, respecting the environment and local communities. What is the difference between Karethic and industrial shea butter? Karethic Shea butter is raw, fresh and untreated, preserving all its nourishing and repairing properties. Unlike industrial shea butter, it is extracted without chemical processes and retains its natural vitamins and minerals, offering better quality and efficacy for skin and hair. Are Karethic products suitable for all skin and hair types? Yes, Karethic products are suitable for all skin and hair types. Their pure, natural formulation is specially designed to be gentle and effective, even for sensitive skin and fragile hair.