SANOFLORE Regard hypnotica - 15ml

9 avis
Autre image du produit
Autre image du produit
Autre image du produit
      9 avis
      Celine S.

      Miracle !

      Cette crème est juste parfaite !! Après avoir testé de nombreuses crèmes pour les yeux j’ai enfin trouvé mon bonheur ! Si...

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      Une eau micellaire 50ml Aciana offerte dès 49€ d'achats dans la marque Sanoflore.*
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      Présentation du produit

      Enhance your eyes with Regard Hypnotica Sanoflore. Enriched with organic Centaurea cornflower hydrolate from the Vercors region and silk tree extract, this treatment acts on the entire eye contour area. It moisturizes and firms your skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness, and smoothes wrinkles. Its light, creamy texture melts delicately into your skin for a rested, luminous look.Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.Results: - 82% find that the skin around the eyes is more comfortable - 76% find that the eye contour is moisturized - 70% find that the eyes are rested - 69% find that the eye contour is firmerEffectiveness tested on 51 women aged 43-60, with crow's feet wrinkles, under-eye wrinkles, dark circles and a dull complexion. Apply morning and night for 28 days.

      Conseils d'utilisation

      Morning and night, apply Regard hypnotica to the entire eye contour area. Massage circularly from the inside out.

      Avis de nos clientes

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      Juliette M.

      Bon produit

      C'est un produit agréable à utiliser par sa texture et son odeur. Rien d'exceptionnel non plus. Malheureusement, comme dans quelques produits bio de cette marque, la présence de benzyl salicylate fait que je le termine, mais ne le rachèterai pas.

      Pauline G.

      Aucun résultat visible

      Alors c'est vrai que la texture est agréable, et qu'elle sent bon... mais j'ai utilisé tout le tube et je n'ai vu aucune différence.

      Celine S.

      Miracle !

      Cette crème est juste parfaite !! Après avoir testé de nombreuses crèmes pour les yeux j’ai enfin trouvé mon bonheur ! Si vous avez le contour des yeux secs et irrités, cette crème est pour vous. La texture est certes un peu grasse mais c’est ce qui rend cette crème super efficace !

      Laurie B.


      Je suis mitigée sur ce produit. Il fait le travail mais la texture de la crème est trop épaisse pour moi et donc, longue à pénétrer.

      Estelle d.


      Produit agreable a utiliser, pas de mauvaise surprise niveau composition chez Sanoflore.
      Texture agreable, odeur top. Je l'utilise surtout le soir, en complement de la lotion du meme nom.

      Claudie r.


      La marque est synonyme de qualité. Le contour des yeux est bien. Il pourrait être très bien s'il était plus hydratant.

      Christine D.

      Bien, sans plus !

      La texture est un peu pâteuse, mais la crème hydrate bien et apporte un certain confort; le parfum est subtile et agréable.

      Sarah C.

      Cherche encore la différence

      Je consomme régulièrement depuis 7 ans des produits Sanoflore et j'ai voulu tester pour la première fois un contour des yeux. Si j'apprécie la composition, je ne me rends pas compte du résultat... peut-être une peau mieux hydratée.

      Maryline s.

      Un regard frais

      Hydrate, rafraîchie et apaise les contours des yeux.


      Composition INCICentaurea cyanus flower water, glycerin, propanediol, aqua, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, lauryl laurate, glyceryl stearate citrate, glyceryl stearate se, albizia julibrissin bark extract, benzyl alcohol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, butyrospermum parkii shea butter, arginine, coco betaine, salicylic acid, hydrogenated vegetable oil, parfum, adenosine, sodium phytate, linalool, polygonium fagopyrum seed extract, limonene, citric acid, benzyl benzoate, sodium benzoate, benzyl salicylate, farnesol, alcohol, darutosideeau florale de bleuet, glycérine, propanediol, eau, alcool cétérylique, glyceryl stearate, lauryl laurate, glyceryl stearate citrate, glyceryl stearate se, silk tree extract, benzyl alcohol, triple ester of glycerol and caprylic and capric acids, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, arginine, cocobetaine, salicylic acid, hydrogenated vegetable oil, fragrance, adenosine, sodium phytate, buckwheat seed extract, citric acid, benzyl benzoate, sodium benzoate, benzyl salicylate, alcohol, darutoside, natural components of essential oils98% ingredients of natural origin47% ingredients from Organic Farming

      La marque SANOFLORE

      SanofloreFrench organic cosmetics When founder Rodolphe Balz moved to the heart of nature in the Vercors, he discovered the immense potential of plants: their aromatics and essential oils. In 1972, he created a botanical garden containing 350 aromatic and medicinal plants: Sanoflore was born. Sanoflore organic products are made from the very best of nature. They are grown on an experimental farm, the botanical garden of founder Rodolphe Balz, and a 4,000 m² production site in the heart of the Vercors. At every level of the company, the brand is committed to ensuring that its skincare products contribute to the real well-being of consumers. The brand's unwavering commitment to quality has made it an expert in phytotherapy, aromatherapy and organic cosmetics. To offer ever more innovative, high-performance products, Sanoflore is backed by a multi-disciplinary scientific team. What's Sanoflore 's speciality? Since 1986, Sanoflore craftsmen have been handing down the secret of distillation. First, they maintain the soil's natural fertility: its cycle is respected. This allows plants to grow naturally. Essential oils and floral waters are extracted by low-pressure steam distillation. The properties of the plants are thus respected. What are the brand's best sellers? At Mademoiselle bio, we refer to a wide range of care products Sanoflore. These include best-sellers Sanoflore. Aqua Magnifica is the brand's iconic skincare product. This lotion fights imperfections to restore healthier skin. It contains a patented complex of 9 essential oils. Crème riche des Reines smoothes and softens skin. Its anti-aging properties moisturize and plump the skin. L'absolu Merveilleux is another of the brand's must-have skincare products. This anti-wrinkle serum smoothes fine lines and wrinkles by deeply moisturizing the skin. Finally, Aciana Botanica rich cream is ideal for dry, sensitive skin. It provides a large dose of hydration while soothing tightness and overheating of the skin. All Sanoflore products ensure beautiful, luminous, plump skin. The Sanoflore brand at Mademoiselle bio At Mademoiselle bio, we value organic cosmetics brands that are committed from start to finish. Sanoflore is a brand present at every stage in the production process, from the field to the finished product. As far as the botanical garden is concerned, the brand does not wish to use pesticides. The properties of the essential oils are thus preserved. In addition, the fields are weeded by hand. The brand favors waterless cultivation and uses natural fertilizers. At the distillery, all waste is transformed into natural fertilizer and given a new lease of life. The bio Sanoflore laboratories promote the circular economy. For example, they reuse rainwater and reduce their plastic consumption. In terms of transportation, Sanoflore favors gas-powered transport. It has also rethought the volume of boxes in order to reduce the number of trucks. Finally, Sanoflore products are Ecocert-certified. The brand is also working on the eco-design of its containers, in order to reduce its environmental impact. Sanoflore offers products with 100% natural fragrances, paraben-free, colorant-free, silicone-free and developed under dermatological control. Our favorite skincare products Sanoflore Sanoflore is a beauty brand divided into several ranges with poetic names. Each one is tailored to a specific skin problem: Magnifica for blemishes, Reines for dull complexions and Rosa Fresca for dehydration. Among the products in the brand's various ranges Sanoflore, our favorites are the Magnifica range. The skincare products in this range are designed for combination to oily skin with blackheads, imperfections or excess sebum. In this range, we've fallen in love with the highly acclaimed Aqua Magnifica anti-imperfection lotion. A botanical skincare water that cleanses, treats and purifies the skin thanks to the combined action of 9 essential oils. To reduce your waste even further, you can opt for its large-format version, the eco-refill. In the des Reines range, a line dedicated to dull, mature skin, the masque des reines is our darling! Suitable for sensitive skin, it brings light and radiance while regenerating and protecting the skin. To protect your skin from aging, we recommend Rosa Fresca Dew Balm. Used as a mask or night cream, it moisturizes, plumps and revitalizes for smooth, radiant skin in the morning. The Rosa Fresca range is ideal for moisturizing and plumping your skin! Finally, we're big fans of roll-on deodorants, especially the citrus duo. These deodorants protect against unpleasant odors for 24 hours while soothing this sensitive area of the body.

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